Holiday Market Notice (AUS: Australia Day 2020 & HK: Lunar New Year 2020)

Please be informed that due to “Australia Day” on 24 January 2020 and “Lunar New Year” on 27 January 2020 respectively,

there will be changes to the trading hours for the following symbols listed in the table below. 



Holiday Market Notice (Martin Luther King Day)

Please be informed that due to “Martin Luther King Day” on 20 January 2020,

there will be changes to the trading hours for the following symbols listed in the table below. 




Migration to new MT4 Live Server

Scheduled downtime: 14 December 2019

As part of our continuous commitment to provide you with improved user experience on our trading platform, we will be moving part of our client database to a new MT4 live server. 

The migration of accounts to a second server would ensure that a low-latency and stable trading environment is maintained. The higher capacity of both our servers will also provide better support for our existing clients and allow us to better manage a growing clientele.

When will the migration take place and what can you expect during this period?

The server migration will be carried out on 14 December 2019 and will take up to 8 hours. During this scheduled downtime, our Fullerton Suite will go offline, and all clients will not be able to log into their MT4 accounts. You will be able to access your accounts on 15 December 2019.

We’re working hard to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum. Please be assured that we will keep you informed should the migration take longer than expected. Any important updates will be posted on Fullerton Suite.

Who will be affected?

During the migration period, all clients will not be able to access their MT4 accounts as the existing server will go offline.

Your account will remain on our existing MT4 server (“Fullerton Markets Ltd”) if you belong to one of these groups:
1) Clients with a MAM or investor account
2) Clients with a copy trading account (this includes MirrorTrader, Robox and CopyPip accounts)

Your account will be hosted on the new MT4 server (“Fullerton Markets Inc”) if you belong to one of these groups:
1) Clients in the Introducing Broker (IB) network
2) Self-directed traders (clients with ECN and Variable accounts)

All clients are advised to log into their MT4 accounts only after the migration exercise is completed.

What are the next steps?

Clients with accounts on the existing server can log in as per normal on 15 December 2019.

Those with accounts hosted on the new server can access the trading platform from 15 December 2019 in one of the following ways:

Desktop and laptop users
- Download the new MT4 client terminal here:  
- Refer to the Fullerton Markets-Live 2 Migration Guide for the next steps

Mobile users
- iOS users to refer to the iOS App Migration Guide
- Android users to refer to the Android App Migration Guide

Do note that affected clients will no longer be able to access their MT4 accounts via the older server (i.e. “Fullerton Markets Ltd”) after the server migration.

We’ve also prepared a list of FAQs that might be useful in helping address some of your concerns.

Upon completion of this migration exercise, we look forward to providing you with better services, and this includes letting you trade with ease, with a trading infrastructure that will serve you far into the future.

If you have any questions about the upcoming server migration, please feel free to contact our Support team via Live Chat or by sending an email to