About Fullerton Markets

At Fullerton Markets, we like to let our work speak for itself. Since our inception, we've envisioned ourselves as being a disruptive force in the trading industry. And we've done just that – building a company that prides itself on fund safety, quick execution, and a system of wealth creation.

Here's our ingredients that make up our winning culture:


Everything rises and falls on passion. Passion gives us energy & excitement, guides us to be more focused and fuels us to solve challenges faster.


A spirit of excellence enables us to own our domain. It moves us through the 3 stages of being:


Reactive (taking instructions)
Proactive (proposing solutions)
Creative (building innovations)


Commitment embodies all the ingredients required for massive success. It contains discipline and persistence. Commitment reminds us to finish what we start.


Sustainability means we have to plan for the future. In the short-term, it's about being efficient (doing things right) and effective (doing the right things). In the mid-term, it's about people development to grow leaders who can lead us further. In the long-term, its about shaping our communities and making a difference.


If it's worth doing, it's worth doing fast without compromise to quality. Speed is the great competition equaliser in a fast-changing world.


Service isn't a job. It's a posture of our hearts. We are thankful for the opportunity to delight you in all that we offer. 

Office Location

2 Leng Kee Road #04-11
Thye Hong Centre
Singapore 159086

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