Get ready to CHANGE YOUR FUTURE in Fullerton Markets’ pinnacle event of the year, where you get to:

⛰️ Step into the future with Fullerverse
⛰️ Stamp your legacy on the year’s biggest stage
⛰️ Experience community as one Fullerton family
⛰️ Break new frontiers in your business & trading
⛰️ Bond with top IBs, partners and traders

Click here to learn more and grab your seat today!

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EN Accelerator Bonus_1200x1200px

Get your trading off to a flying start with up to USD10,000 credits – convertible into CASH!

Simply deposit into a new trading account and Fullerton Markets will top up your account by the same amount of credits (up to USD10,000) – giving you 2X your starting capital and 2X your earning speed.

The best part? For every 50 lots you trade, you can convert USD100 credits into CASH that you can withdraw!

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Turbo Bonus

Get ready to receive a turbo boost to your trading dreams with our newest promotion – the TURBO BONUS!

Simply deposit into a new LIVE trading account, and Fullerton Markets will boost your capital to 120% with free "losable" bonus credits, i.e. there is no penalty if you happen to lose these credits in your trading – making this 100% risk-free for you!

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EN Gold Trading Competition_1200x1200px

Think you are GOOD with GOLD? Then, you are invited to our GOLD TRADING COMPETITION to put your skills to the test!

Race against other gold traders to achieve the highest profit % for Sep 2022. Achieve a top 3 spot and you win a FREE trip, plus a prized spot on CopyPip!

Registration period: 8–31 August 2022, 23:59 (GMT+8)

Competition period: 1–30 September 2022, 23:59 (MT4 server time)

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Like to trade Gold? Like to get Cashback? Then you will LOVE our GOLD TRADING CASHBACK!

Join us at Gold Trading Festival 2022 and win USD 2.00 for every lot of gold you trade! The more you trade, the more cashback you get!

This CASHBACK promotion runs from 1–30 Sep 2022.

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CEO Challenge (Reminder, 1200 x 1200)-1

Fullerton Markets once again brings you the much-awaited CEO Challenge!

Open to new and existing partners of Fullerton Markets 1 March to 30 September 2022, the CEO Challenge 2022 aims to award and reward the best among our industry leaders, traders and partners.

Let the challenge begin! Register now!

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With Fullerton Markets’ Ultimate Level-Up Bonus, you're eligible to claim up to a 20% bonus every time you deposit. Once you reach the fifth level, you are eligible to claim an unlimited 10% bonus for every deposit.

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