Spread Types

Spread Types on Foreign Currency Pairs

Fullerton Markets' foreign currency pairs are based on floating spreads priced from our Tier-One Liquidity Providers (LPs). Price spreads vary throughout the day depending on factors such as available liquidity (supply and demand), market forces, volatility, and the trading session.

Fullerton Markets offers two types of spread to our clients

1) Variable Spreads

Spreads on the Fullerton Markets MT4 & MT5 platforms are derived from our Tier-One Liquidity Providers in Equinix LD4 (a FX-specific data center in London). There are no commissions charged for trade execution, but a brokerage fee is collected from the spreads.

2) Raw Spreads

Spreads are derived directly from multiple Liquidity Providers, including banks and hedge funds in Equinix LD4 (a FX-specific data center in London). Traders get to enjoy raw spreads for as low as 0.1 pips direct from the market participants at a flat fee of only USD8 per lot in commission charged for Forex instruments.

Variable Spread Raw Spread

Tier One Liquidity Providers

Direct From Liquidity Providers

Variable spread

Raw spread direct from market as low as 0.1 pips

No commission charged

Flat fee of USD8 per lot commission for Forex instruments

Fees are included in the spread

No additional markups on the spread

No additional fees are charged

Raw spreads direct from the market


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