Fullerton Markets International Limited (hereinafter called the "Company") is an entity incorporated under the International Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act, Chapter 149 of the Revised Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 2009, with the following registration: Company Number 24426 BC 2017.


A Stock Split is a type of corporate action that increases the number of shares outstanding by issuing more shares to existing shareholders. A Stock Split increase the number of outstanding shares and proportionally reduces the share price, so the company’s market capitalization remains unchanged.

A Reverse Stock Split is a type of corporate action that consolidates the number of outstanding shares into fewer (higher-priced) shares. It is the opposite of a Stock Split. A Reverse Stock Split is also known as stock consolidation, stock merge, or share rollback.


  • 1) Stock Splits / Reverse Stock Splits will be carried out on the ex-date of the affected Stock CFD, and not the record date.

  • 2) Stock Splits / Reverse Stock Splits will normally be executed outside of trading hours.

  • 3) Any Limit orders and Stop orders for the affected Stock CFD will be removed before the split/reverse split is carried out.

  • 4) Take Profit / Stop Loss levels for the affected trades will also be removed.

  • 5) Reverse Stock Split that results in Client’s net position for the underlying instrument to have less than the minimum volume, will be force closed.


2.1 By registering, opening a live account, and or accepting the terms and conditions within the applicable landing pages and/or client member’s area, the client is acknowledging that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2.2 Where applicable (e.g. where a stock split/reverse stock split is going to be carried out for the Underlying Instrument), a stock split/reverse stock split adjustment will be made for your Account in respect of any Open Positions held after market trading hours for the relevant Underlying Instrument.

2.3 The Company is entitled to combine and/or aggregate your Orders if we deem it to be in your best interest. However, clients are to be made aware that aggregation and splitting of your Orders might result in a less favourable price with respect to a particular Order.

2.4 Based on the Company’s own discretion, adjustments might be made to your Order’s opening price, close price, volume, commission fees, swap fees, stop loss/take profit, symbol.

2.5 Clients are to carry out their own due diligence on stock splits/reverse stock splits matters to avoid incurring unexpected losses.

2.6 The Company will not be liable for any losses incurred due to stock splits/reverse stock splits. This may include, but are not limited to: closure of any open positions, a floating profit/loss, removal of any Credit Bonus.

2.7 The Client is responsible for any losses incurred due to stock splits/reverse stock splits as the Client made the decision to hold an open trade position over the period where stock split/reverse stock split will be carried out.

2.8 If Client’s account is stopped out due to stock splits/reverse stock splits, it is up to the Company’s own discretion to re-float trades, or to offer compensation, if any.

2.9 If the Company suspects or has reason to believe that a client has abused or attempted to abuse the carrying out of this corporate action, or has acted in bad faith, the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, if necessary:

2.9.1 to withhold, cancel and charge any costs it deems, from that client’s account(s),

2.9.2 to terminate that client's access to services provided by the Company and/or terminate the contract between the Company and the client for the provision of services,

2.9.3 to block that client's Account(s) and to arrange for the transfer of any unused balance, less the offer amount, as well as any profits which the Company deems to have been gained via Abusive Behaviour, to the client. Where Abusive Behaviour includes but is not limited to: Where a client, by themselves or acting with others (including an Introducing Broker/ Affiliate/ Money Manager) established a trading position or positions which have the purpose or effect of extracting the profits generated by the stock split/reverse stock split without exposure to economic risk, including without limitation loss of the offer or the client’s capital (or the capital of others). Where the client, by themselves or acting with others (including an Introducing Broker/ Affiliate/ Money Manager) hedges his positions, including without limitation, holding open position(s) on one direction, including by way of illustration only, single or correlated currencies, at given periods, internally (using other trading accounts held with the Company) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers).

3. Relevant Department

3.1 Customer Service Department

Email: support@fullertonmarkets.com


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