Earn Extra Passive Income From Your Trading Skills

We provide you with the best platform for you to grow your income by tapping into the vast network of ready investors globally

Become a Strategy Provider

Introducing Fullerton Markets' CopyPip System

For talented traders, this is a great opportunity to earn more income by letting others copy your trades.
Boost your income from successful trades, by sharing a percentage of your investors’ profits.

How It Works?


For example, if there is a total of USD100,000 of investors' funds which are copying your strategy


The total profits earned by your investors is worth USD50,000


If you charge a performance fee of 30%, you will earn an additional USD15,000 passive income on top of your trading profits


Why You Should Become A Strategy Provider With CopyPip?

Fee Model

More choices of fee model for strategy providers to earn from instead of only performance fees.

Investors Globally

Instantly gain access to an extensive network of investors globally.

Instant Rebate Payouts
(For Our IB Partners)

Instant rebate payouts instead of daily or weekly.

Fund's Branding

Develop your fund's branding.

OnBoarding Process

Easy onboarding process.

Dedicated Personalised Support

Dedicated personalised support from our partnership department to help you in your business.

Automatic Fee Calculation

Automatic fee calculation for your investors allows you to focus on your trading.

How To Become Our Strategy Provider

  • 1. Login to CopyPip portal and sign up for an account
  • 2. Open a Live Trading Account with Fullerton Markets if you have not done so
  • 3. Login to Fullerton Suite
  • 4. Select to open Strategy Provider account in the Fullerton Suite
  • 5. Link your Strategy Provider account number
  • 6. Declare your fee structure

Become A Strategy Provider

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