Copy trading is one of the easiest ways to start trading – simply follow, copy and start earning from our top traders. Fullerton Markets’ CopyPip is a powerful tool that allows you to copy trades from over 300 strategy providers.

If you are new to Fullerton Markets’ CopyPip platform, you might want to read this article first before finding a suitable Strategy Provider (SP) for your CopyPip account. How much commission is charged from a trade? How does this affect your profit?

The CopyPip platform charges a 0.7 pip commission for traders who use this platform for copy trading. Therefore, there may be some discrepancy in terms of profitability between the provider and the follower. 

For example, if the provider earns 5 pips from a trade, the follower will only have earned 4.3 pips (5 pips – 0.7 pip = 4.3 pips) due to the commission charged.

Likewise, if the provider loses 5 pips, the follower will lose 5.7 pips (5 pips + 0.7 pip = 5.7 pips). 

This means that it is possible for a SP to be making profitable trades, but the clients are earning less than intended due to the 0.7 pip commission.

The photo below is an example of a Strategy Follower (SF) account. You can see that for every 0.89 lot trade that the provider takes, the followers are being charged USD6.23 which is the 0.7 pip commission.

Copy Tip of the Week – How much is the commission charged on CopyPip



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