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You May Need To Short Stocks To Earn Some Profit In 2022

US stocks are on track to end 2021 with another year of outsize gains. Many investors are not expecting a repeat in 2022.

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Copy Tip of The Week – Top Pick of The Week “Stripes”

Today, we look at strategy provider “Stripes”. This strategy provider’s equity growth since inception is 1010.99% and has a total of 22,714.3 pips.

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Copy Tip of The Week - Top Pick of the Week "longterminvestment"

The top pick of the week is a strategy provider called “longterminvestment”. If you are looking for an extremely low-risk SP, they might just be the one.

Low max drawdown of 8% - checked

Worst trade...

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Copy Tip of The Week – Top Pick Of The Week “Ongsoi”

Today we look at strategy provider “Growth gene”. This is a high-returns strategy provider with 14.47% average returns per month accompanied with a high 72% maximum drawdown.

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6 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Your Trading Skills Fast

Do you know why some Forex traders manage to stay in the game for a long time and are successful at it?

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Oil Supply & Risk Sentiment Suggest More Upside for Dollar

There is more upside for the dollar in the near term as the OPEC+ agreement, to increase oil supplies, weigh on energy companies in Asia and add to the negative tone from last week’s equities close....

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Crypto Crashes! Do Not Lose Sight of Central Banks' Policy Divergence

It will be an intense week for the technology, cryptocurrency, bonds and commodities markets. This happens when you have discussions about the dreaded Fed tapering, a possible return of the Iran...

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5 Most Popular Forex Indicators: Definition, Pros and Cons

A trading approach rooted in technical analysis tends to simplify Forex trading on the basis of price action. But with all the technical indicators available, choosing the best one or two can feel...

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Copy Tip of the Week – Review Top Pick “NEW 2000”

We are coming back to “NEW 2000”, one of the top strategy providers that we reviewed last year, December 2020.

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5 Destructive Traders and What You Can Do to Not Become Them

You were so sure that your trading setup will bring you huge profits, but...

It hits a stop loss. It totally went against you. 

Does this sound familiar?

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