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Draft for infographics - Trading Journal Matters According to Stock and Forex Traders

We’ve asked several traders, both stock and Forex traders:

  • Do you keep a trading journal? 
  • What data do you record/document? 
  • How does journalling your trades help you in any way? 

The response is...

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How You Can Get Started on MT5 on the Fullerton Markets Platform

Ready to trade on the MT5 platform?

With so much to offer investors and traders, Fullerton Markets wants to provide you with the choice to explore and use MT5 and its features alongside your MT4...

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How to Open a CopyPip Account and Navigate the CopyPip Platform

CopyPip is Fullerton Markets' copy trading platform where strategy providers and followers can enjoy mutual benefits. The former earn performance fees on top of their trading profit, while the latter...

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Copy Tip of the Week – Strategy Provider “Yellow Brick”

“Yellow Brick” is a strategy provider (SP) from UK who has been running for 2148 days with a growth of 139.57%. What drew my attention was his drawdown which is only 19%. We will recommend this SP...

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Breaking News: Surge of Virus Cases in Australia Likely to Pressure Aussie

Australia posted its biggest one-day spike in coronavirus cases in two months, heightening concerns that the nation could go into its second lockdown, and possibly driving AUD/USD lower.

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Copy Tip of the Week – How much is the commission charged on CopyPip?

Copy trading is one of the easiest ways to start trading – simply follow, copy and start earning from our top traders. Fullerton Markets’ CopyPip is a powerful tool that allows you to copy trades...

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Copy Tip of the Week – Top-Ranked Strategy Provider “KingOne SAFE”

In this week’s Copy Tip, we are looking at “KingOne SAFE” – one of our best-performing strategy providers (SP) who currently ranks on top of our chart.

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Why do Risk Assets Ignore the Poor Economic Data?

As the Fed has made it clear that it was willing to step in to buoy the economy, why bet against the market when the central bank is willing to do that? It’s time to buy gold and stocks when massive...

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Breaking News: US Futures Climbed After Fed’s Commitment For Support & Better Earnings Report

With US interest rates to remain on hold until further notice, dollar could continue to weaken versus commodity currencies such as New Zealand dollar. Long NZD/USD?

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For the First Time in Decades – Fed’s QE Jitters Investors

Market sees no short-term solution to combat the virus, short USD/JPY at peak

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