The top pick of the week is a strategy provider called “longterminvestment”. If you are looking for an extremely low-risk SP, they might just be the one.

Low max drawdown of 8% - checked

Worst trade of -647.4 pips only caused them 0.42% of loss – checked

Let me list down the pros and cons:


  • Trades with extremely low lot size means that their risk management is on point
  • Do not have a lot of trades open in short periods
  • Extreme low max drawdown


  • Their worst trade float to 647.4 pips, even though they only lost 0.42% of their capital
  • Do not have a stop loss

We can see decent returns since they started trading in February 2020. Their YTDs for 2020 and 2021 are at 19.86% and 9.21% respectively, which is pretty impressive when we compare it to their max drawdown.

CTOW 20211028 Image 1

As mentioned, the max drawdown is great at 8%. We would suggest strategy followers, who want to give them a try, to add in a slight bigger capital as their recommended minimum is already at USD 8985.52.

CTOW 20211028 Image 2

From this trading history, we can see no stop loss was placed and some of their trades float to deep losses. Therefore, I would also recommend setting a fixed stop loss, and forced exit and stop to protect your capital.

CTOW 20211028 Image 3

Last but not least, their trade yields are at 23.18 pips, which are sufficient to cover the 0.7 commission that CopyPip charges.

CTOW 20211028 Image 4


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