In this week’s Copy Tip, we are looking at “KingOne SAFE” – one of our best-performing strategy providers (SP) who currently ranks on top of our chart.

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This SP has been running for 1 year and 9 months. In 2018 and 2019, he has achieved remarkable results of 93.34% and 108.61% returns respectively.

His monthly returns look realistic and balanced – negative in some months and positive in other months. An important point to note is that at the end of the year, he managed to get positive returns.

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Based on his trading statements, we can see that this provider is most likely an intra-day or swing trader. His average returns per trade is around 30 pips.

He is also rather dynamic in terms of the choice of currency pairs. He trades almost all the pairs available, though with more focus on commodity currencies such as AUD and NZD.

Last but not least, let’s look at his worst trade which turned out to be -548.3 pips. This should raise a warning on your radar. If the strategy provider aims to earn 30 pips per trade but can afford to lose up to -548.3 pips, will the risk-to-reward ratio still make sense?

To be fair, his best trade came in at 883.1 pips which earned him 55.32% while the worst trade only lost him 5.36%. This is because the lot size used by the provider is dynamic.

With the right risk management, you might lose more pips, but the actual loss could only be a few percentage of your overall account equity.

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